Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Licker License USTREAM Channel

Sweet Balls, 2011 from Hazel Hill McCarthy III

April 23 Neoma, Milan | April 29 Mediamatic, Amsterdam

May 7 Sameheads, Berlin | May 19 Jaguar Collective, London

June Preteen Gallery, Mexico City | July 2 Pendu, NYC

2011 A.D.

LICKER LICENSE, a touring 1-night event with all-female video and performance artists.

LICKER LICENSE is a sensually grotesque observation of the female experience as seen through an anti-feminist/feminist show. 30-minute video presentation of work followed with live performance by participating artists Kristy Fenton of Modern Witch and Stellar Om Source.

Featuring work by:

Genesis Breyer P
Nicola Kuperus
Kristy Fenton
Hazel Hill McCarthy III
Bobbi Woods
Actually Huizenga
Kathleen Daniel
Laura Brothers
Phoebe Collings-James
Adriana Estrada
Stellar Om Source

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